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20th July, 2017

Get Your Business Story Out the Front Door

How do you matter to your customers?
How do prospective customers come to see that your company offers an experience and products they are proud to buy from and talk well about with others?

Develop your small business brand story by telling genuine stories about how your staff cared, how your products and your services made a difference. One study stated that after a presentation 63% of attendees remembered stories. Only 5% remembered statistics. Facts tell. Stories sell.

We’ve done work with companies asking their staff to write out three attributes customers should know about their company. Results — a huge range of company attributes that were more confusing about the company uniqueness than clear about its standout qualities. Try this with your company to see if your staff is telling the world what you want emphasized about your company.
Take time to adjust and update your brand story to better reach new customers. 

Savvy, small business branding requires owners to define their company advantages and share with staff so that each day, every staff carry that clear company brand story out the front door to their meetings, conference and in networking. Many small business brand stories are invisible because no one took time and reflection to identify their singular brand story. Other small business brand stories are old and dusty because original mission was passed on over generations without recognizing a need to adjust to how times and technology may have shifted key company goals and markets.

“Your brand story is what people say when you are not in the room." 
Over time you will know your small business branding program is successful when you overhear people talk about your company with the words and advantages you created and put into the world many months before. One meaningful goal in small business marketing is to have people know and share your small business brand story for you.

To get your story out the front door takes a few steps.
Create a questionnaire for in-house and for customers to complete to learn what people think and know about your small business. There's a second benefit to this questionaire. You may discover as we have, that loyal customers often don’t know about 30% of services a company has to offer only what their direct need was. Here's an profit opportunity to promote alternate parts of your business to buyers who already value your company. People genuinely want to know about services that will better their lives. You just may have forgot to tell them. Relearn your small business brand story and advantages and promote them beyond your front door.

If such a small business branding program is beyond your time and skills, hire a branding, web and small business marketing expert like PM Design to get the branding support and a plan to attract customers you want to matter to most.    

photo credit: jay mantra