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PM Design About Us design
PM Design About Us design

Why Choose PM Design & Marketing?


Not Knowing How to Differentiate 
Your Company
Is Holding Back Your Small Business

Small businesses are often at a loss for words to simply identify what they
do that their rivals can’t do. The difficulty is to simply convey how they matter
to clients looking for services that improve their lives. Not knowing how
to differentiate your company is holding back your small business.

We know how to brilliantly identify and tell the remarkable stories of those
special small businesses who are wholeheartedly, got-to-get-it right folks,
passionately, devoted to making great things that matter to their customers.

Brand Development Is 
at The Heart of Our Work.

Let us get you the brand you need, that you deserve and put it to work.

  • We provide creativity in all its forms — naming, brand identity, logo design,
    custom web design, print promotions, advertising and social media.
  • We are 20-year experts in small business marketing known for personal 
    one-to-one attention.
  • We serve family-run and small businesses in 21 states
  • We are winners of 120 national design awards for websites and graphics

Whether you’ve been in business for 5 months or 5 years, passionate and remarkable small businesses should call us at 908.665.6878.

Our client Kimberly recently wrote…

Phil, thank you for helping
me bring form to the next chapter
of my life's work.
The new website is beautiful.
FANTABULOUS! Simply put, you got me.
You kept digging for meaningful info and
got to a place that feels right, authentic.
It was very evident you and your team
cared and in doing so,
took weight off my shoulders.
Thank you so much for hearing meand understanding me!”

PM Design

For 20 years, we have
provided award
winning creativity in
all its forms —

  • Name development
  • Brand identity
  • Logo design
  • Custom web design
  • Print promotions
  • Advertising
  • Social media

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Phil Marzo, Principal & Creative Doer

I can understand how doctors’ children often become doctors.

By the time I turned 18, my nomadic family had set up house nine times. My engineer Dad ran and built companies during the week; on weekends he crafted landscaped backyards and rose gardens. With nine-home projects, Mom turned into an interior designer with serious skills in color and room layout. Dad designed the outside; Mom designed the inside. I worked side by side, house by house, year after year with each, absorbing how to design spaces beautifully which lead to my career in graphic design.

Daily, I oversee an inspiring team of creative and coding talent. On this creative team, I’m the lead designer and copywriter who juggles images and clever words until they delight.


Cathy Damon, Dynamic Doer

Project checklists fear our Cathy; she gets so much done daily they know they’re destined for the trash can by the end of each day. With rare design sensibilities, Her smart critiques improve our team’s newest designs, colors and clever headlines. Thanks, Cathy!

Happy clients, her golden retriever, Thadius, and five-grain, avocado toast brighten her day.


Not ready to hire PM Design for a full brand and web program?

Our Brand Coaching program is available starting at $575 to discuss brand strategy and what your small l business does that rivals can’t match. Call us today to get started.