Our Brand Promises Earn Companies More Repeat Business.

Many bakeries, real estate firms, healthcare companies, etc. provide similar services as their competitors. Our PM Design team works hard and successfully to identity what your company does that rival companies can’t match. Identifying your company’s brand promise/brand story will attract the small businesses you most want to serve. And when you keep your company’s brand promise and delight your customers, these satisfied customers will gladly share their delight with associates and grow your sales. Get started; call us to grow your business, Call Phil or Cathy at 908.665,6878.

5 Remarkable Brand Promises
& Savvy Company Taglines.


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Lobstahlicious August.”

1. Ford’s Fish Shack’s Brand Promise to Its Customers.

For this top seafood company each Fall season meant an increase in the availability
of fresh lobster. We created a signature, lobster event that was fun to say... and fun
to experience.

Results: Our brand promise was that Ford’s Fish Shack would make August
“lobstahlicious”. For six years now, its become an annual community festival that draws
big crowds — and big profits for Ford’s Fish Shack.


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“If Our Food Was Any Fresher, It Will Make you Want to Get More Dogs.”

2. O’Neill’s Grill’s Brand Promise to Its Customers.

While most restaurants serve 80% fresh food, this family-owned Virginia restaurant is
remarkable with 94% of its food made in house. Our target market was soccer moms
who taxied their busy kids between after-school activities and wanted to feel less guilty
about not cooking fresh, home-made meals for them. Our goal was to increase weekly
dinner visits of these soccer moms and their active, hungry kids.

Results: Our humorous “milking cows in the kitchen” brand approach spotlighted O‘Neill’s
unique promise of home made, nutritious food; it led to increase in weekly family visits
— and new restaurant profits.


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“So Cozy, So Stylish — It Will Make You Want to Get More Dogs.”

3. SnugPups’ Brand Promise to Its Customers.

Pampering and dressing up their pets is ongoing source of great joy for pet owners.
Our client created a clothing line of super soft and fashionable pet apparel that pet
loving owners could not help but imagine their dog wearing and enjoying.

Results: Our humorous company promise made prospective pet customers curious to
answer the playful question was this pet apparel so outstanding they‘d want to get more
Once in their hands, this hand-sewn, quality apparel made dog fanatics extra
crazy imagining their dogs prancing about cozy and in fun style.


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“Feel Better — Faster”

4. Beatrice Chiropractic Care’s Brand Promise to Its Customers.

Our chiropractor client wanted to care for weekend warriors and aging active folks
rather than specialize in sports performance or holistic treatments.

Results: Chiropractor kept his brand promise — his patients did feel better, faster.
His satisfied patients strong, local word-of-mouth buzz lead to new business.

Testimonial "Anyone who owns a business should call Phil. I am extremely pleased
with my company's new name, logo, and brand! Phil has tremendous insight and talent in
creating a story that tells consumers what my business does. Thanks again Phil."
- BB, owner.


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Mobile Design, Business Cards

“Apple Tech Support as Remarkable as the Mac Itself.”

5. MacWork 360’s Brand Promise to Its Customers.

IT companies often offer the similar promise of “taking care of your computers
so you can take care of running your business.”
Our IT client wanted to stand out
as a Mac specialist.

Results: We developed a brand promise for our client - “tech support as remarkable
and as the revered Mac brand itself.” This quickly elevated his company’s tech status
and attracted new computer customers.

6 Custom Company Names
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