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    "We were re-branding our 30 year concept into a fresh modern brand that will appeal to a broader consumer base. When I hired PM Design, I ended up getting was a team of professionals that took the time to really understand what we were trying to accomplish and live the brand during the development phase. The result was simply a home run. Our new logo not only fits our new image but it is so strong that it became the brand and we are now working the other design elements around what you and your team developed. The short amount of time you accomplished what you did was very Impressive. I particularly liked the interaction during the entire development phase; this ensured that every little element was perfect." - Chris K.

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    "Phil and his wonderful team created not only an aesthetically beautiful design but one that optimized our business in every way! Our geographic distance between Ireland and New Jersey wasn't a problem, Phil was always available to help with any questions or queries. He explained the technology behind the design which gave us confidence that it would work to its full potential. We are delighted with our new branding, website and mobile and have had many compliments on it already,
    I'm certain it will help grow our business, I would recommend Phil and his team to anyone wanting not only a well built smart website but also wanting to work with someone who is a pleasure to work with and does his job methodically!"
    - L.R, Ebanisti Woodworking

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    . . . . . . . "The Shortcut to More Customers is to Matter." . . . . . . .

    "When Ana and I decided to open a restaurant in Virginia we knew that we needed to work with a design firm that had restaurant experience. We found Phil and his PM Design through a Google search. Initially we were a little hesitant in the beginning since there was quite a distance between us. After several telephone conversations, I was pretty comfortable with him and he was hired to design our logo, starter website and marketing pieces for Ford's grand opening.

    Since then PM Design has created our mobile website and website, which we get compliments on almost daily. The process to create the website was made very painless by Phil. He handled everything from the web design process, the photography to dealing with the frequent web menu changes.

    I trust that Phil understands our concept and what we are trying to do at Ford's Fish Shack. I can call him with an idea and he and his group can take my idea and turn it into a great visual piece of art in a very short period of time.

    Our restaurant is less than a year old and already so popular, customers are asking us to open a second restaurant. I feel PM Design has been a big part of our success at Ford's" - TS., Fords Fish Shack

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    "Nancy and I wanted to take some time to thank you and your team for the wonderful job you have done for our new company. The detail to attention, along with your expertise, has led to a business relationship that we have come to truly value. You should take great comfort in knowing that you helped form our brand message and helped our business grow in ways that are transparent to most.

    Our logo and branding, created by is something I never tire of showing people and telling them about how you created it. You captured the essence of winemaking in our logo … it still amazes us." - TV, Grape Escape Winemaking

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    "I finally saw the design and the colors!!! It's beautiful. You have such a great sense of color. Phil Marzo is a true artist and at the same time has real marketing savvy. His firm's beautifully designed promotions have increased our catering sales significantly. It's been a pleasure working with Phil and PM Design to every aspect. "
    - PM, Flavors Catering

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  6. BAKERY, Long Island

    "We love the final restaurant logo; the one design with the oven looks great for labels... we love the business cards, the letterhead and absolutely love the note card..."
    - WL, Brick City Baking Co.

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    "It looks amazing!! Your team did a fabulous job. Thank you! The clean website design feels so very Italian and so very fresh. “The new online estore beautifully promotes 50 of our best selling food, kitchen and home products. Our new online store will increase business and win us new fans that discover us online.

    You exceeded our expectations." - EC, Casa Casale


    "It all looks great. The new website reflects the quality and custom craft work we take pride in. It already has attracted the affluent customer we seek. The new mobile website has reached a wider geographic group of customers.

    And our new website won as best website design in a national contest. Great job, Phil!"
    - SA, Artistic Millwork

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    . . . . . . . "Your Brand is what other people
    say about you when you’re not in the room."
    — Jeff Bezos, AMAZON